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What Big Boned Women is all about?

Big Boned Women Documentary Brings The Spotlight to Full Figured Women! August 6, Atlanta- Zellyo Productions, Inc. announced the release of their exclusive documentary about women who are considered “Big Boned” or Plus-size. This documentary allows the women to have a platform to express who they truly are. The Big Boned Full Feature Documentary showcases interviews and discussions about full figured women from various walks of life and ages. The documentary consist of an array of heart felt topics based on their personal past experiences being full figured women.

The documentary inspires full figured women to embrace their inner and outer worth. The Big Boned Documentary’s goal is to help full figured women not feel like they have to measure up to the traditional standards of beauty that the media portrays. “Full figured women have been called everything you can think of associated with being overweight and often the terms are not so flattering. This documentary is very near and dear to my heart. I feel compelled to share their stories with the world.” says Zellyo Productions Producer Yolanda Zellous.

Yolanda Zellous wrote and produced the Big Boned Documentary with the mission to show the world that being over size 8 is not a bad thing, that it’s just your size not a negative. “This documentary reaches out to beautiful ladies of all races that are full figured. These women are in between. They are neither skinny nor fat. They are just right! This documentary is refreshing and will spark interest and force the business & fashion industry to rethink how they market to full figured women as a whole! It will not only inspire women but, will encourage women as well.” says Yolanda Zellous.The Big Boned Documentary is getting rave reviews. The Big Boned Documentary Film is being shown throughout Atlanta and film festivals around the world.

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